Help - instructions

System authorisations

  1. Browsing

    Everyone can browse the published data.

  2. Adding/Editing/Deleting data

    Only registered and verified users can publish data in the system. They can only modify data that they have previously entered.

  3. Moderation

    Each University has appointed moderators who oversee the data and editors’ accounts within the system. Moderator:

    • can modify all data within their University, unlike a verified editor who can only modify their own data;

    • verifies user accounts to allow only trusted individuals to enter data.

  4. Technical administration


Account registration and verification in the system

Anyone can register in the system but only verified editors can enter data.

  1. Account creation

    You can create an account at

    1. Fill in all required fields.
    2. An automatic message with an activation link will be sent to the specified email address.
    3. After clicking on it or copying it into the address bar of your browser, set your password.

    Create new Account

  2. Account verification by a moderator

    1. Once the account has been correctly created and activated, a moderator at the selected university can verify the account
    2. You should wait until the moderator verifies your account or alternatively inform them of this necessity via a channel other than the system (email, telephone, depending on the procedures at your university).
    3. The moderator assigns the status of ‘Verified’ to selected accounts in the panel, as in the graphic below.

    Account verification


Data addition/modification

Any logged in and verified user of the system can enter data into it within their university on their behalf. This is, in contrast, to the moderator who can modify all the data associated with their university.

From the available menu, select respectively ‘Add research group’ or ‘Add shared infrastructure element

Menu - Add research group

Menu - Add shared infrastructure element

All fields, including as many optional fields as possible, must be filled. The more data, the more attractive information for the viewer.



The system allows research groups and infrastructure elements to be described with keywords. Please pay special attention when entering them so that each is a separate value, not a sequence of characters. Particular care should be taken with keywords copied from other sources. Each must be entered and validated separately.

The example below shows that correct search terms have been misplaced as one.

keywords - wrong - misplaced

It is correct when each of the words is separate.

keywords - ok - correct separated one by one