FQM249: Instrumentation and Environmental Sciences

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It was born in 1994 to solve environmental problems and carry out instrumentation development. Later, the interest falls on other topics: synthesis of (nano)materials for electrochemical/optical (bio)sensors, sample preparation and treatment and use of atomic spectroscopic methods in the determination of analytes of diverse origin. In the last 10 years (2011-present) the group has published 44 JCR articles, 2 books, 9 book chapters and 8 patents; it has also participated in 88 communications to congresses, 20 R&D&i projects and 7 contracts.

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José María Palacios Santander
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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5407-1208

Associate Professor (Analytical Chemistry - University of Cadiz) from 2017. PhD in Chemistry in 2003 (European PhD Mention and PhD award). Bsc. in Chemistry (1997). 37 JCR and highly multidisciplinary papers, 25 Q1 and 10 D1. 4 books and 2 book chapters (1 in Elsevier, 2019) and 10 non-indexed publications. 3 international and 7 national patents. >100 scientific communications to congresses (12 international oral talks). Participation in 21 projects and 4 R&D contracts. 1 PhD thesis supervised and 1 under supervision. Actual research line: green synthesis of (nano)materials to build (bio)sensors for determining analytes of diverse origin.

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José María Palacios Santander
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Application of chemometric techniques to electroanalytical and spectroscopic data.
Electrochemical and structural characterization of nanomaterials and ceramic and composite materials.
Contribution of different analytical techniques to the resolution of real problems.
Quality control and food security.
Development of new electrode (nano)materials.
Development and characterization of new Sonogel-Carbon and derived materials for their use as (bio)sensors and for their application to the determination of analytes of environmental, biomedical and/or agrifood iinterest.
Development and evaluation of sample preparation procedures.
Potentiality of atomic spectroscopy in the analysis of real samples.
Green synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for their use in sensing and biosensing.


Representative publications

1. Fast route for the synthesis of decorated nanostructured magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers using an ultrasound probe Abdellatif Ait Lahcen, Juan José García-Guzmán, Jose Maria Palacios-Santander, Laura Cubillana-Aguilera, Aziz Amine Ultrasonics Sonochemistry   (2019) Vol: 53. Pgs: 226-236
2. A simple phosphorus determination in walnuts and assessment of the assimilable fraction Pablo Fuentes-Soriano, Dolores Bellido-Milla, Juan José García-Guzmán, María P. Hernández-Artiga, Juan Jesús Gallardo-Bernal, José María Palacios-Santander, Estrella Espada-Bellido Talanta 204 (2019) 57–62
3. Amperometric inhibition biosensors based on horseradish peroxidase and gold sononanoparticles immobilized onto different electrodes for cyanide measurements Aisha Attar, Laura Cubillana-Aguilera, Ignacio Naranjo-Rodríguez, José Luis Hidalgo-Hidalgo de Cisneros, José María Palacios-Santander, Aziz Amine Bioelectrochemistry 101 (2015) 84–91
4. Development of Sonogel-Carbon based biosensors using sinusoidalvoltages and currents methods Juan José García Guzmán, Laura Cubillana Aguilera, Dolores Bellido Milla, Ignacio Naranjo Rodríguez, Cecilia Lete, Jose María Palacios Santander, Stelian Lupu Sensors and Actuators B 255 (2018) 1525–1535
5. Study of solvent effect on the synthesis of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers based on ultrasound probe: Application for sulfonamide detection Abderrahman Lamaoui, Abdellatif Ait Lahcen, Juan José García-Guzmán, José María Palacios-Santander, Laura Cubillana-Aguilera, Aziz Amine Ultrasonics - Sonochemistry 58 (2019) 104670

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Technology Expertise

Electrochemistry and electroanalysis. Colloidal synthesis of metallic nanoparticles (mainly, Au, Ag, SiO2 and magnetic ones). Application of high energy ultrasound in synthesis. Sensors and biosensors. Sol-gel technology. Conductive polymers and molecularly imprinted polymers. Determination of analytes of environmental, agri-food and biomedical interest. Synthesis of electrode materials. Atomic spectroscopic techniques. Infrared and ultraviolet-visible molecular spectroscopy. Sample treatment. Microwave assisted digestion. Chemometrics: statistical data treatment and design of experiments.