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Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture
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Joost Andre M Raeymaekers
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The Genomics Division focuses on the study of the molecular building blocks of life (DNA, RNA and proteins), their role in biological functions, and the ecological and evolutionary processes through which they shape biodiversity.

The Genomics Division covers four main research areas: molecular ecology, molecular biology, aquaculture genomics and developmental biology. 


Representative publications

The novel circular RNA CircMef2c is positively associated with muscle growth in Nile tilapia 2023, Genomics: Volum 115;Rbbani, Golam; Nedoluzhko, Artem; Siriyappagouder, Prabhugouda; Sharko, Fedor; Galindo-Villegas, Jorge; Raeymaekers, Joost A. M.
CircPrime: a web-based platform for design of specific circular RNA primers 2023, BMC Bioinformatics: Volum 24;Sharko, Fedor; Rbbani, Md Golam; Siriyappagouder, Prabhugouda; Raeymaekers, Joost A. M.; Galindo-Villegas, Jorge; Nedoluzhko, Artem
Scientific assessment of risk to populations of pythons listed by CITES as a result of trade 2023, VKM Report: Volum 17 s. 1-115;de Boer, Hugo; Maria Guldbrandsen, Asmyhr; Flø, Daniel; Gehrke, Berit; Grainger, Matthew; Hermansen, Jo Skeie
The application gap: Genomics for biodiversity and ecosystem service management 2023, Biological Conservation: Volum 278;Heuertz, Myriam; Carvalho, Silvia B.; Galindo, Juan; Rinkevich, Baruch; Robakowski, Piotr; Aavik, Tsipe
Complete mitochondrial genomes and updated divergence time of the two freshwater clupeids endemic to Lake Tanganyika (Africa) suggest intralacustrine speciation 2022, BMC Ecology and Evolution: Volum 22;Milec, Leona Johanna M; Vanhove, Maarten P. M.; Bukinga, Fidel Muterezi ; De Keyzer, Els L.R.; Kapepula, Vercus Lumami; Masilya, Pascal M.