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Amélie Weill
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UBOCC is a service certified ISO 9001:2015 since June 2001. It hosts more than 4,300 biological resources of high scientific and industrial interest. These resources are spread over two thematic Marine and Agri-Agro collections.
The UBOCC Biological Ressources Center (BRC) preserves and distributes more than 1,300 Archaea and Bacteria strains from extreme marine environments in the marine collection (resulting from the BEEP-UMR6197 research activities). It also preserves more than 3,200 fungal isolates (yeasts and molds) from various marine and terrestrial environments in the Agri-Agro collection (resulting from LUBEM –UR3882 research activities).  These isolates present a biotechnological potential or correspond to food spoilers or phytopathogens. UBOCC activities benefit from the scientific expertise and know-how of these two laboratories as well as support in terms of human and material resources. The biological resources of the BRC are also made available to the scientific and industrial communities. They are used in national and international research projects.

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The activities of this infrastructure do not go through commercial routes, but by scientific contacts. If you are interested these tools, please do contact the person in charge to see whether we can collaborate.