Clean room facility in Kiel's Nanolab (KiNaReinraum)

Submitted by saltemark on Fri, 03/01/2024 - 10:03
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Dr. Antonio Malavé
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The clean room facility in Kiel's nanolab offers a suitable frame for research and teaching activities in labs of the clean room classes ISO 6 and ISO 5. Its equipment corresponds to those of a lab dedicated to micro- and nanotechnologies and comprises both machines and instruments belonging to groups of the Faculty of Engineering at University of Kiel but also other ones which are available for all university groups and external users. Thin films of a variety of materials are deposited in Kiel's nanolab by means of different techniques like magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation, and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. A copper electroplating is also available whereas polymer films and film of other materials are spun on planar substrates using the two installed spin coaters. To pattern all these thin films the clean room was provided with modern coating and exposure systems allowing the fabrication of photoresist masks with high lateral resolution. The transfer of the pattern defined with the photo resist mask to the underlying thin film succeeds subsequently by means of dry or wet etching or using lift-off techniques. Analytical devices to check and characterise the obtained micro- and nanostructures are also available. Hier, a SEM including FIB-, EDX- and a e-beam-lithography units should be mentioned. Finally, the clean room offers a powerful dicing saw for chip cutting and substrate tailoring to the desired geometry.

Scientific Equipment:

  • 6 wet benches enabling HF etching and including Cu electroplating, ultrasonic and rinse basins,
  • 2 Spin dryers
  • 1 Wafer Spinner
  • 2 fume hoods
  • 1 automatic dicing saw DISCO 3350
  • 1 dry etch reactor SI 100
  • 1 Ion beam etcher OIPT Ionfab 300+
  • 1 dry etch reactor SI 500
  • 1 PECVD reactor SI 500 PPD
  • 1 light microscop
  • 1 Puls Laser Deposition Reactor
  • 1 SSE Spin Coater
  • 1 SENTECH Ellipsometer
  • 1 Suss MicroTech Maskaligner MA6
  • 1 FEI SEM with FIB, EDX and EBL unit