Department of Plant Ecology

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Faculty of Biology, Department of Plant Ecology
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Józef Szmeja
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Józef Szmeja
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Short description of research profile
  • changes in vegetation of lakes as a result of human pressure and global warming;
  • functional diversity of vegetation in lake ecosystems; 
  • stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes (δ13C and δ15N) in lakes;
  • late Glacial and Holocene history of vegetation, climate, hydrological changes and human impact in norther Poland based on pollen, plant macrofossils and geochemistry of sediment;
  • plant use, environmental changes and synanthropization of flora in Poland and abroad based on archaeobotanical study;
  • modern pollen deposition

Representative publications

Chmara R., Szmeja J., Robionek A. 2019. Leaf traits of macrophytes in lakes: Interspecific, plant group and community patterns. Limnologica 77.
Jaroszewicz B., Cholewińska O., Jerzy M. Gutowski J. M.,Samojlik T., Zimny M., Latałowa M. 2019. Białowieża Forest - A Relic of the High Naturalness of European Forest. Forests 10(10), 849.
Pronin E., Panettieri M., Torn K., Rumpel C. 2019. Stable carbon isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) as a driving factor of aquatic plants organic matter build-up related to salinity. Ecol. Indicat. (99): 230-239.
Chmara R., Szmeja J., Banaś K. 2018. The relationships between structural and functional diversity within and among macrophyte communities in lakes. J. Limnol. 77(1): 100-108.
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