Gdańsk and Hanseatic Cities in the Middle Ages

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Beata Możejko
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Current employer: Uniwersytet Gdański, Instytut Historii  (University of Gdańsk, Institute of History, Gdańsk 90-852, ul. Wita Stwosza 55, Polska (Poland)
Academic qualifications and titles:
1997 – dr (PhD) University of Gdańsk, discipline: history; specialist subject: medieval history
2004 – dr hab.  (Habilitation), University of Gdańsk, discipline: history; specialist subject: medieval history
2007 – prof. nadzwyczajny UG (associate professor, University of Gdańsk)
2016 –  the titel of professor in the humanities

ORCID ID: 0000 0002 0085 8686

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Beata Możejko
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Representative publications

Możejko Beata: Peter von Danizg: the story of a Great Caravel, 1462-1475, Northern World, nr 86, 2020, Brill, ISBN 978-90-04-35810-2, [978-90-04-40844-9], 337 s., DOI:10.1163/9789004408449
Możejko Beata ( red. ): New studies in Medieval and Renaissance Poland and Prussia: the impact of Gdańsk, Routledge Research in Medieval Studies, nr 10, 2017, Routledge, ISBN 978-1-138-69648-8, [978-1-315-20903-6], 231 s.
Badura Monika, Możejko Beata: The plant element in the diet of the inhabitants of Danzig (Gdańsk), Elbing (Elblag), and Marienburg (Malbork) during the rule of the Teutonic Order: historical and archaeobotanical perspectives, w: Ecologies of Crusading, colonization and religious conversion in the medieval Baltic: Terra Sacra II / Pluskowski Aleksander ( red. ), Environmental Histories of the North Atlantic World, nr 3, 2019, ISBN 978-2-503-55133-3, ss. 95-107
Możejko Beata: Late medieval Gdańsk as a bridge between regions: Western European, Hanseatic, and East Central European contacts, w: The medieval networks in East Central Europe: commerce, contacts, communication / Nagy Balázs, Schmieder Felicitas, Vadas András ( red. ), 2019, Taylor & Francis Group, ISBN 978-1-138-55484-9, ss. 227-235
Możejko Beata, Ossowski Waldemar: Artefacts from the late medieval Copper wreck (Gdańsk, Poland), w: Ships and maritime landscapes: proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology: Amsterdam 2012 / Gawronski Jerzy, van Holk André, Schokkenbroek Joost ( red. ), 2017, Barkhuis Publishing, ISBN 978-94-92444-14-1, ss. 120-125