TEP027 Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies

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Salguero Gomez Jorge
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My research began in 2007 with a fellow supported by Junta of Andalucia (FPDI).
My research is focused on Manufacturing Engineering, especially in the machining and the texturing of strategic materials.
I have participated in more than 15 research projects. Nowadays, I led a national project on surface texturing, having more than 10 years in research and transference to the close industry.
Results have been disseminated in more than 80 articles indexed in Scopus (28 JCR) and more than 100 contributions in national and international conferences.

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Salguero Gomez Jorge
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Additive manufacturing
Materials and metallurgy technologies and engineering
High performance machining
Industrial metrology and Quality engineering
New frontiers in the learning of Manufacturing Engineering
Materials forming processes
Aerospace manufacturing processes
Manufacturing systems for the Industry 4.0
Texturing and surface engineering


Representative publications

Effect of laser parameters on the tribological behavior of Ti6Al4V titanium microtextures under lubricated conditions J. Salguero, I. Del Sol, J.M. Vazquez-Martinez, M.J. Schertzer, P. Iglesias WEAR Elsevier (2019) Vol: 426-427. Pgs: 1272-1279
Achieving a sustainable shipbuilding supply chain under I4.0 perspective Ramirez, Magdalena; Sanchez, Alejandro; Perez, Victor; Abad, Francisco; Batista, Moises. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2020. Vol: 244. Pgs. 1-10.
Analysis of the evolution of the Built-Up Edge and Built-Up Layer formation mechanisms in the dry turning of aeronautical aluminium alloys Gomez-Parra, Alvaro; Alvarez-Alcon, Miguel; Salguero, Jorge; Batista, Moises; Marcos, Mariano. Wear. 2013. Vol: 302. Pgs. 1209-1218.
Fused deposition modelling interfacial and interlayer bonding in PLA post-processed parts Valerga, Ana Pilar; Fernandez-Vidal, Severo; Batista, Moises; Girot, Franck. Rapid Prototyping Journal. 2019. Vol: 26. Núm: 3. Pgs. 585-592.
Study of the surface quality of carbon fiber–reinforced thermoplastic matrix composite (CFRTP) machined by abrasive water jet (AWJM) Bañon, Fermin; Sambruno, Alejandro; Batista, Moises; Simonet, Bartolome.

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Technology Expertise

The evolution of the research group has defined its specialization, mainly oriented to the study of materials and manufacturing processes related to Aeronautical Engineering, although various projects have been developed in the Naval and Automotive fields. The experience acquired places the TEP-027 Group in an optimal position in everything related to these research lines and, in particular, in bringing them closer to the interests of R+D and Technology Transfer manifested in form of Projects at different depths by entities and companies in the region.