Ultra-Wideband measurement and test platform

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Emanuel Radoi
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The UWB measurement and test platform is an equipment of the SI3 (Security, Intelligence and Integrity of Information) team of the Lab-STICC, CNRS, UMR 6285. It is composed of an UWB arbitrary waveform generator (81180B), an UWB vector signal generator (E8267D), an Infiniium oscilloscope (DSO91204A) equipped with VSA (Vector Signal Analyser) software and two UWB antennas.
The 81180B generator is able to generate specially designed and optimized baseband UWB waveforms with a bandwidth up to 2 GHz. The E8267D generator is used in our experimental setup to shift this wide bandwidth into the 3 GHz to 10 GHz frequency domain. The two UWB antennas (SATIMO 300-A), designed to operate between 3 GHz and 10 GHz, are used to transmit and receive the UWB pulses generated with the two generators. The fourth component of our UWB platform is the Agilent DSO91204A Infiniium high-performance oscilloscope, which in the current configuration features 6 GHz of bandwidth and 20 Gsamples/sec on each of its 4 analog channels.


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The activities of this infrastructure do not go through commercial routes, but by scientific contacts. If you are interested these tools, please do contact the person in charge to see whether we can collaborate