UHPLC-DAD-MS/MS, UltiMate 3000 RS / TSQ Quantis

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A very high-performance liquid chromatograph equipped with a diode array detector and connected to a tandem mass spectrometer (UHPLC-DAD-MS / MS, UltiMate 3000 RS / TSQ Quantis, ThermoScientific) is an instrument typically used in high-sensitivity qualitative and quantitative analysis of various non-volatile analytes in various samples such as water, blood plasma, urine, food products of plant and animal origin, animal feed, etc., as well as for quality control.


Potential application

Potential application
  • Medications: antibiotics, sedatives, steroids, painkillers
  • Biochemistry: amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids
  • Plants: flavonoids, glucosinolates, alkaloids, coumarins
  • Food and drink: artificial sweeteners, antioxidants, additives
  • Pollutants: pesticides, herbicides, phenols, PCBs, PAHs, etc.
  • Forensic chemistry: drugs, poisons, blood alcohol, narcotics
  • Clinical medicine: drug metabolites, urine and blood samples
  • Testing of different ingredients in agri-food products