Scanning Electron Microscope (FEG-SEM)

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Iva Žutić
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EL JSM 7610F Plus is a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an electron source that has increased electron emission (FEG) due to the applied electric field for analysis of surfaces and chemical composition of materials, determination of particle size and structure up to a resolution of 1 nm. Placing the electron source inside the electron lens allows for a stable electron beam and high-resolution images for a wide range of currents (from a few fA to several hundred pA).

The position of the lens inside the column and the possibility of applying a negative voltage to the sample (Gentle Beam®) increases the resolution even at very low acceleration voltages.

In addition to the microscope, the following instruments have been installed:

• EDS (energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy) spectrometer (Oxford Instruments AZtec Live ADVanced UltimMax 65) for elemental analysis of samples;

• Quorum thin film spray system (model Q150T ES Plus) allows painting and surface of electrical insulators;

• Instrument for cross-cutting and fine polishing of samples (JEOL IB-19530CP Cross Section Polisher) allows you to record the cross-section of the sample.


Potential application

Potential application
  • Metal, semiconductor and insulator industries
  • Microelectronics
  • Micro and nanotechnology
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy