GMDSS station for VTS

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Iva Žutić
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VTS simulators meet and exceed the relevant requirements set out in IALA Recommendation V-103 on Standards for the Training and Certification of VTS Personnel. Simulator equipment and software mimic all major VTS functions and allow instructors to create areas with different navigation situations, control target ships, and generate different training scenarios and tasks.

VTS simulators fully correspond to the functionality of real Transas VTS systems that operate in dozens of ports worldwide and can work in a shared environment with navigation and GMDSS simulators. The existing VTS simulator has been upgraded with a GMDSS simulator to communicate with the other two command bridges of the NTPro 5000 simulator.


Potential application

Potential application
  • Development of scientific research infrastructure and work
  • Making various maritime studies
  • Education and practical training students
  • Education and training of maritime sailors with verification of acquired knowledge
  • Tugboat management
  • Fishing