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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy

Matice hrvatske 15

21000 Split


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Contact person Deana Breški, Ph.D; Prof. Dražen Cvitanić, Ph.D.;
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The basic parts of the equipment are:

  • modular system for road survey (Hawkeye 1000 digital laser profiler and H1000 Gipsi-trac 2 geometry)
  • mobile radar traffic counter (SDR radar traffic classifier)

Modular road survey equipment can be installed on the vehicle and enables the collection of various data on the road geometry, pavement condition and roadside features and assets. It consists of three high-resolution laser-profilers integrated on an aluminium beam that is mounted on the vehicle, a device for recording the geometric road parameters, a wide-angle HD camera, GPS device that enables georeferencing of all collected data and software for data processing. This equipment enables the collection of data on road roughness (rutting, IRI index), macrotexture, distances, position, longitudinal and transverse slopes, horizontal and vertical curvature (radii), road surface condition, traffic control devices (markings, traffic signs) and the surrounding area.

Radar traffic counters that are mounted on a pole with anti-vandal protection collect data on the number and speed of vehicles by individual categories on a two-way two-lane road and provide the output data necessary for traffic flow analysis.


Potential application

Potential application
  • Pavement condition assessment
  • Visual identification of roadside assets
  • Road safety assessment
  • Road geometry measurements
  • Traffic analysis