Seismic Testing Laboratory: Shake-table

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Seismic Testing Laboratory

Ul. Hrvatskih velikana 38,

21251, Žrnovnica


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Nikola Grgić
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Shake-table serves in earthquake engineering. It is a very effective equipment to verify seismic performance associated with the direct damage to individual buildings or their models under specified ground shaking.

The shake-table at STC  properties:

Layout size:                 4 x 4 m

Motion direction:         horizontal

Motion component:      uniaxial

Max. displacement:      ± 150 mm

Max. frequency:           20 Hz

Model mass:                max 20 t

Model height:               max 9 m



Potential application

Potential application

In research application it can serve for testing:

  • various structures (buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams, ...)
  • soil-fluid-structure systems (retaining walls, dams, reservoir,)
  • new technological solutions
  • retrofit, reparation, restoration...
  • improving regulations
  • verification of numerical models

In commercial practical application it can serve for testing:

  • examination of important existing buildings
  • model testing of important new structures
  • testing of new technological solutions for repair of structures
  • testing devices for damping (dissipation of energy)
  • testing of important equipment
  • testing of new structural solutions (prefabricated construction, etc.)