Contemporary Architectural Technologies Laboratory

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University of Split,

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy

Matice hrvatske 15, 21000 Split, Croatia

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Asst. Prof. Hrvoje Bartulović
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The Contemporary Architectural Technologies Laboratory is equipped with a number of different cutting-edge devices and computer programs that enable a spectrum of research, spanning from the design process to the production and construction of buildings. The planned research aims to advance and perfect digital processes related to construction, spatial planning and management, to improve the properties and cost-effectiveness of modern materials and technologies in architecture, new construction, and architectural heritage. A particular focus is placed on the role of modern technologies and materials in protecting architectural heritage sites that abound in Dalmatia and make part of world cultural heritage. Furthermore, special consideration will be given to structures susceptible to the impact of sun, sea, and other climate conditions characteristic of the Mediterranean area.

Scientific disciplines

Potential application

Potential application
  • Production of models and prototypes
  • Digital simulations and research