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Tomasz Wiśniewski
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Prof UG, Dr hab. Tomasz Wiśniewski – Head of the Performing Arts Division at the University of Gdańsk. In years 2016-2019, he was Deputy Director for Research in the Institute of English and American Studies at the University of Gdańsk. He is the founder of the Between.Pomiędzy Festival, and the Beckett Research Group in Gdańsk. He has published Complicite, Theatre and Aesthetics (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), a monograph on Samuel Beckett (Universitas, 2006), and (co-)edited several academic publications, including a bilingual edition of The Historie of Lord’s Glorious Resurrection (Teatr Wierszalin, 2017) and interviews and articles that celebrate the 40th anniversary of Włodzimierz Staniewski’s OPT Gardzienice (Konteksty, 2018). A member of the board of the Polish Association for the Study of English (since 2018) and a member of the Program Board of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre (since 2018). Member of the board of the quarterly "Tekstualia", regular cooperation with the quarterly "Konteksty" and the global portal TheTheatreTimes.

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Tomasz Wiśniewski
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Beckett Research Group in Gdańsk

The University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Seminars have been organized every year since 2010. They have been attended by scholars and artists from various parts of the world and have resulted in several publications. Guest speakers have included: Antoni Libera, Irena Jun, Marcello Magni (Theatre de Complicite), Douglas Rintoul (Transport Theatre), Professor S.E. Gontarski (USA), Professor Enoch Brater (USA), Professor H. Porter Abbott (USA), Professor Derek Attridge (United Kingdom), Dr Mark Nixon (Beckett International Foundation) and Dr Nicholas Johnson (Trinity College Dublin). Participates in the TCD Beckett Summer School Bursaries Program.

Professor S.E. Gontarski is the honorary patron of the research group.


Representative publications

Tomasz Wiśniewski and Katarzyna Kręglewska, "From Waiting for Godot to Andrzej Stasiuk"  
Bartosz Lutostański Gombrowicz–Beckett. Beckett–Gombrowicz. A Comparative Inter-modal Study.
Joanna Lisiewicz, Milczenie w teatrze Samuela Becketta i Tadeusza Różewicza.  
Tomasz Wiśniewski (ed) Beckett w Polsce  
Tomasz Wiśniewski Beckett w XXI wieku. Rozpoznanie (ed.)