Department of Marine Plankton Research

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Institute of Oceanography, Department of Marine Plankton Research
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Ryszard Kuczyński
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Biology and ecology of marine zooplankton in boreal waters (e.g., Baltic Sea) and polar regions (both the Arctic and the Southern Ocean). Arctic and Antarctic marine ecology, with a special focus on zooplankton (genetics, population dynamics, distribution patterns, and regime shifts). Combination of field, experimental and molecular work, with experience in multivariate statistics. Next-generation sequencing approach, i.e., analysis of marine bacterioplankton communities (including bacterial endosymbiont identification) as well as marine eukaryotic metabarcoding using different molecular markers.


Representative publications

Weydmann, A., Walczowski, W., Carstensen, J., Kwaśniewski, S., (2018). Warming of Subarctic waters accelerates development of a key marine zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus. Global Change Biology, 24(1), 172-183.
Influence of CO2-induced acidification on the reproduction of a key Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis 2012 A Weydmann, JE Søreide, S Kwasniewski, S Widdicombe Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 428, 39-42
Panasiuk, A., Wawrzynek-Borejko, J., Musiał, A., & Korczak-Abshire, M. (2020). Pygoscelis penguin diets on King George Island, South Shetland Islands, with a special focus on the krill Euphausia superba. Antarctic Science 32(1), 1–8.
Siphonophora of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea) and their associations with crustaceans 2017 MK Mańko, AW Słomska, K Jażdżewski Marine Biology Research 13 (5), 480-485
Mioduchowska M., Czyż M.J., Gołdyn B., Kur J., Sell J. 2018. Instances of erroneous DNA barcoding of metazoan invertebrates: are universal cox1 gene primers too “universal”? PLoS ONE 13(6): e0199609,

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