Iberoamerican Anthropologists Research Team (IART)

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Cooperation with The Center for Andean Studies of the University of Warsaw in Cusco (El Centro de Estudios Andinos de la Universidad de Varsovia en el Cusco)

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Tarzycjusz Buliński
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I conducted long-term ethnographic fieldwork among the E’ñepá Indians of Venezuela (21 months of field research). I was interested in the role and position of school within one of the most isolated indigenous group in Venezuela. As a result of this research I published the book School in the Amazonian Forest: Forms and Meaning of Education in the Indigenous Communities (book in polish, 2018), where I described the practice of schooling in an indigenous group, the meaning ascribed to school by the E’ñepá, and the impact of schooling on the lives of people belonging to this group.

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Katarzyna Mirgos
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Anthropological studies of Amerindians (South America),
Anthropological studies of cultural and language minorities (Spain)


Representative publications

Buliński, T. (2013-2014). School and Social Development among the E’ñepá Indians from the Venezuelan Amazon, “Estudios Latinoamericanos”, vol. 33-34, p. 189-208 http://www.estudios-online.org/images/estudios/33-34/Estudios33-34_189-208.pdf
Mirgos K. (2018). From the Basque family to Basque families. Selected aspects of research into Basque family life, “Etnografia Polska”, t. LXII, 2018, z. 1–2, p. 41-59 https://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/publication/94412/edition/73420/content
Kairski M.. (2013-2014). In the world of “reversed” bodies: persons, non-persons and people. How the E’ñepá Indians regard otherness, “Estudios Latinoamericanos”, vol. 33-34, p. 235-254 http://www.estudios-online.org/images/estudios/33-34/Estudios33-34_235-254.pdf
Linda-Grycza K. (2016) Polityka językowa w ujęciu formalnoprawnym i etnograficznym. Na przykładzie hiszpańskiego regionu Katalonii i jego mieszkańców [Formal and ethnographic approach to language policy based on the example of the spanish region of Catalonia and its habitants] in: „Etnografia Polska”, vol. 60, no. 1-2, 2016, p. 105-128 https://rcin.org.pl/dlibra/show-content/publication/edition/61768?id=61768

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