LUBEM - Laboratory of Biodiversity and Microbial Ecology

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ESIAB engineering school
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Emmanuel COTON
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Marielle LeGuen
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The Microbial Ecology and Biodiversity Laboratory (LUBEM, UR n ° 3882) is a research laboratory at the University of Western Brittany specializing in the study of biodiversity and the ecology of microorganisms, mainly in agriculture, food industry and environment.


The LUBEM laboratory has 2 applicative axes:

Ecosystems with fungal components (molds and yeasts).

Risks associated with spore forming bacteria.


Research studies are structured around 4 common themes linked to the 2 applicative axes:

Ecology: identification, quantification and characterization of microorganisms associated with ecosystems of interest (agriculture, food and marine environment), evolution of microbial communities under environmental variations

Physiology: behavior of microorganisms under the effect of biotic and abiotic factors (including predictive microbiology approach).


Metabolism: role of microorganisms in their ecosystems, study of metabolites with negative or positive impacts (including toxicological impact) and their biosynthetic pathways.

Control: application of physicochemical and biological methods for the control of undesirable microorganisms (spoilage or pathogens).

Keywords : Fungi, bacteria, ecology, predictive microbiology, agriculture, food industries, environnement