Applied thermodynamics – energy conversion engineering

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split
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Mechanical engineering

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Ivan Tolj
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Ivan Tolj researcher ID: E-2707-2017

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Boris Ljubenkov
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  • Hydrogen in renewable energy systems
  • Integration of fuel cell systems in industrial vehicles (forklifts)
  • Hydrogen production by water electrolysis: influence of operating parameters on the operation and durability of electrolyzers
  • Optimization and design of metal hydride tanks for hydrogen storage in terms of heat transfer
  • Characterization of metal hydride tanks during hydrogen absorption / desorption
  • Modeling of hybrid energy systems: 1. mobile: MUI, batteries, fuel cells; 2. stationary: MUI, wind, solar, battery, fuel cell.
  • Operation, design and application of fuel cells
  • Development of algorithms for fuel cell and electrolyzer control systems

Representative publications

Nyamsi, Nyallang Serge; Tolj, Ivan; Lototskyy, Mykhaylo  Metal Hydride Beds-Phase Change Materials: Dual Mode Thermal Energy Storage for Medium-High Temperature Industrial Waste Heat Recovery.  // Energies, 12 (2019), 20; 3949, 27
Tolj, Ivan; Penga, Željko; Vukičević, Damir; Barbir, Frano  Thermal Management of Edge-Cooled 1 kW Portable Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack.  // Applied energy, 257 (2019), 114038, 19
Grljušić, Mirko; Tolj, Ivan; Radica, Gojmir  An Investigation of the Composition of the Flow in and out of a Two-stroke Diesel engine and Air Consumption Ratio.  // Energies, 10 (2017), 6;  805-1
Lototskyy, Mykhaylo V.; Tolj, Ivan; Davids, M. Wafeeq; Parsons, Adrian; Klochko, Yevgeniy; Swanepoel, Dana; Ehlers, Righardt; Louw, Gerhard; van der Westhuizen, Burt; Smith, Fahmida et al.  Metal hydride hydrogen storage and supply systems for electric forklift with low- temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell power module.  // International journal of hydrogen energy, 41 (2016), 31;  13831-13842
Penga, Željko; Tolj, Ivan; Barbir, Frano  Computational fluid dynamics study of PEM fuel cell performance for isothermal and non-uniform temperature boundary conditions.  // International journal of hydrogen energy, 41 (2016), 39;  1758517594
Technology Expertise

The research group uses a laboratory for new thermal energy technologies which is equipped for testing and diagnostics of membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers as well as a prof. Radica lab for thermal machines. Equipment includes:

Fuel cell test station for single cells (Teledyne / Medusa) equipped with controllable load and frequency response analysis (Scribner & Associates)

Internal combustion engine test stand (cylinder pressure indicator and exhaust emission measurement)

A complete hydrogen power system (consisting of an electrolyzer, a water tank, a fuel cell, a control load, and a data management and storage system) connected to photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine installed on the roof of the building.