Toxicology and Radiation Protection Laboratory

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Faculty of Chemistry
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Dagmara Strumińska-Parulska
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Dagmara Strumińska-Parulska
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  • radionuclides determination (Po, Pb, Gd, Ra, Cs, U, Th, Pu, Am) in food and diet supplements as well as in environmental samples;
  • speciation, distribution and accumulation of radioisotopes in living organisms and their radiological effects;
  • food as radioactive elements source;
  • Chernobyl accident and other radiation events impact on the radioactive contamination

Representative publications

Strumińska-Parulska D., Olszewski G., Moniakowska A., Zhang J., Falandysz J., Bolete mushroom Boletus bainiugan from Yunnan as a reflection of the geographical distribution of 210Po, 210Pb and uranium (234U, 235U, 238U) radionuclides, their intake rates and effective exposure doses, Chemosphere, 253, 126585, 2020,
Olszewski G., Szymańska M., Westa M., Moniakowska A., Block K., Strumińska-Parulska D., On the extraction efficiency of highly radiotoxic 210Po in Polish herbal teas and possible related dose assessment, Microchemical Journal, 144, 431-435, 2019
Olszewski G., Andersson P., Lindahl P., Eriksson M. On the distribution and inventories of radionuclides in dated sediments around the Swedish coast, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 186, 142−151, 2018
Strumińska-Parulska D., Olszewski G., Is ecological food also radioecological? – 210Po and 210Pb studies, Chemosphere, 191, 190-195, 2018
Strumińska-Parulska D.I., Determination of 210Po in calcium supplements and the possible related dose assessment to the consumers, J. Environ. Radioact., 150, 121–125, 2015,

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