Applied Mathematical Physics

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Annalisa Iuorio, Raimondo Luciano

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Annalisa Iuorio
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Annalisa Iuorio
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The group is dedicated to the following research activities:

1) Construction of mathematical models based on partial and ordinary differential equations linked to the description of phenomena arising in different applied fields, in particular ecology and engineering;

2) Extension of nonlocal elasticity theories based on stress-driven spatial convolutions;

3) Investigation of wave propagation both via the construction of travelling waves solutions using methods from Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory and via the determination of dispersion relations in nonlocal models;

4) Analysis of patterned distributions due to Turing instabilities and cross-diffusion;

5) Study of steady-states and bifurcations based on numerical continuation software (e.g. AUTO, pde2path);

6) Simulation of systems' dynamics via numerical tools (Matlab/Mathematica).


Representative publications

Apuzzo, A., Barretta, R., Luciano, R., de Sciarra, F. M., & Penna, R. (2017). Free vibrations of Bernoulli-Euler nano-beams by the stress-driven nonlocal integral model. Composites Part B: Engineering123, 105-111.
Barretta, R., Feo, L., Luciano, R., de Sciarra, F. M., & Penna, R. (2016). Functionally graded Timoshenko nanobeams: a novel nonlocal gradient formulation. Composites Part B: Engineering100, 208-219.
Iuorio, A., & Veerman, F. (2021). The influence of autotoxicity on the dynamics of vegetation spots. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena427, 133015.
Iuorio, A., Popovic, N., & Szmolyan, P. (2019). Singular perturbation analysis of a regularized MEMS model. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems18(2), 661-708.
Marasco, A., Iuorio, A., Cartení, F., Bonanomi, G., Tartakovsky, D. M., Mazzoleni, S., & Giannino, F. (2014). Vegetation pattern formation due to interactions between water availability and toxicity in plant–soil feedback. Bulletin of mathematical biology76(11), 2866-2883.