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Oceanography and Geography, Institute of Geography
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Mirosław Miętus
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For several years the WMO’s expert in field of marine meteorology and marine climatology. Research interest focusing on the role of sea in forming the climate, air-sea interaction, sea level variability, storm surges and long-term climate variability . Specializing in data quality, detection of changes and statistical downscaling. Since 2017 working also on the role of atmospheric aerosols in solor energy distribution. Since 2002 Professor at the University of Gdańsk, head of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology at the Institute of Geography.


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Mirosław Miętus
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Out team study climate variability and change in the area of the Baltic Sea basin and its relationship with global processes. We are also interested in regional processes in the area of the Northern Atlantic and Europe and relationships with local climatic, hydrological and oceanographic conditions. Further we study quantitative and qualitative description of the influence of the Atlantic Ocean on the climatic conditions in Poland, energy and mass streams between the sea surface and the atmosphere and some aspects of historical climatology. We are also developing methodological approach: statistical downscaling in climatic and oceanographic data analyses, neural networking as well as other AI tools.


Representative publications

Kitowski M, Marosz M, Miętus M. 2019: Thermal seasons onset and length in Poland - a multiannual perspective on 1971-2010. Idojaras 123(1):89-106.
Czernecki B, Miętus M. 2017: The thermal seasons variability in Poland, 1951-2010. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 127(1): 481-493.
Kowalska B, Lendzion J, Miętus M, Ostrowski R, Stanisławczyk I, Szmytkiewicz P, Sztobryn M, Zawadzka-Kahlau E. 2015: Case studies. Flood and Erosion Managment on a Dynamic Spit: The Hel Peninsula, Poland. In: Zunuttigh B, Nicholls R, Vanderlinden J-P, Thompson R, Burchart H. (eds.) Coastal Risk Management in a Changing Climate, Elsevier, 535-558.
Wójcik R, Pilarski M, Miętus M. 2014: Statistical downscaling of probability density function of daily precipitation on the Polish coast. Meteorology Hydrology and Water Management 2(1): 27-36.
Marosz M, Wójcik R, Pilarski M, Miętus M. 2013: Extreme daily precipitation totals in Poland during summer: the role of regional atmospheric circulation. Clim Res 56: 245-259. https://doi.10.3354/cr01155

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