LAPIS lab (Lean Advanced Production and Industrial Sustainable systems lab)

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Fabio De Felice
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Professor at the Engineering Department of the University of Naples “Parthenope” of Mechanical Industrial Systems (SSD ING – IND/17). Always oriented towards the study of innovative processes aimed at improving industrial production. Expert in business management systems aimed at process optimization and digitalisation of produced processes. Attentive observer of the entrepreneurial growth dynamics of the digital economy. Founder and President of Protom SpA, KTI Company with offices in France and Brazil and of various companies operating in traditional sectors, but with constant attention to technological innovation. Member of the Italian delegation to the B20 taskforces / Cross- thematic Groups: Digitalization, SMEs . In his professional experience he has held numerous academic positions. The main themes on which the research activity is concentrated range from improving quality in production processes (through the application of Taguchi Methods , Robust Design, DoE and TQM), to the simulation of industrial plants (with particular reference to the layout design and of the re-engineering of production processes), from multi-criteria decision support techniques (in particular Analytic Hierarchy Process , Analytic Network Process ), RAMS Analysis and Human Reliability Analysis. Columnist for the newspaper "il Mattino" of Naples. He is the author of countless publications for magazines and conferences of national and international importance.

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2138-2103
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Antonella Petrillo
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LAPIS is a research laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Naples "Parthenope". The Lab is composed of Professors and Researchers pertaining to the Sector Scientific Disciplinary ING-IND/17 "Industrial Mechanical Systems." LAPIS Laboratory aims is to contribute to the advancement, development and 
dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of planning, design, implementation, operation, maintenance, safety of goods and services production systems and logistics with the the goal of  fostering the creation of a lean, smart and sustainable.

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Representative publications

Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in smart production: Progress, trends, and directions R Cioffi, M Travaglioni, G Piscitelli, A Petrillo, F De Felice Sustainability 12 (2), 492
A case of food supply chain management with AHP, DEMATEL, and TOPSIS M Ortiz‐Barrios, C Miranda‐De la Hoz, P López‐Meza, A Petrillo, Fabio De Felice Journal of Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis 27 (1-2), 104-128  
How Does the Metaverse Shape Education? A Systematic Literature Review F De Felice, A Petrillo, G Iovine, C Salzano, I Baffo Applied Sciences 13 (9), 5682