Linguistic persuasion

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Żanna Sładkiewicz
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Żanna Sładkiewicz
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The aim of the research group is to create a platform for specialists whose research contributes to deepening knowledge about the ways of effective linguistic interaction in various types of discourse, especially scientific-didactic and on-line, in both national and intercultural communication. That is why the spectrum of proposed issues is broad and includes, among others: mechanisms of linguistic influence; nature of convincing statements; differentiation of individual interacting techniques and phenomena that go beyond persuasion, such as suggestion, agitation, manipulation, propaganda, fake news, indoctrination; typology and hierarchy of persuasive genres; specificity of linguistic interaction on the Internet (including observations of hate and trolling as specific types of psychological and linguistic interaction in the discourse of new mass media) and others.
Language Persuasion Research Group tries to help students and researchers and to maintain constant communication with similar units at Polish and foreign research centres.

Main research topics:
• language behaviours of Russian and Polish language users in
chosen communicative situations (e.g. justification, apology);
• persuasion in specific genres of communication on the Internet;
• linguistic influence in scientific and didactic discourse;
• linguistic identity research;
• linguistic persuasion in specific genres of political discourse.


Representative publications

Ж. Сладкевич, А. Климкевич, И. Самойлова, Здоровье превыше всего. Коммуникативная ситуация оправдания в дидактическом дискурсе: прагматический и межкультурный аспект, Гданьск 2019
Perswazja językowa w różnych dyskursach, vol 4  
Perswazja językowa w różnych dyskursach, vol 3
Perswazja językowa w różnych dyskursach, vol 2
Perswazja językowa w różnych dyskursach, vol 1