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CI&SS - Computational Intelligence and Smart Systems Lab (Director Prof. Angelo Ciaramella, vice-Director Prof. Antonio Maratea)

CVPR - Computer Vision and Pattern  Recognition "Alfredo Petrosino" Lab (Director Prof. Francesco Camastra, vice-Director Prof. Alessio Ferone)

HPSC Smart - High Performance Scientific Computing Smart Laboratory (Director Prof. Giulio Giunta, vice-Director Prof. Raffaele Montella)

NEPTUN-IA - Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory for the Artificial Intelligence at the Sea (Director Prof. Antonino Staiano) 

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Angelo Ciaramella
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Angelo Ciaramella
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In the course of his researches Angelo Ciaramella is mainly concerned with Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning  techniques for Data Mining and Data Processing. In particular, he is concerned with Neural Network-based techniques for Principal Component Analysis, Independent Component Analysis, Autoencoder, Dictionary Learning and Compressive Sensing in signal processing, audio streaming, feature extraction and Blind Source Separation. He is also interested in Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy models for the analysis of structured and unstructured data and the development of Decision Support Systems in the environmental domain. In addition, he is interested in Data Mining and Model Selection methodologies in bioinformatics and air quality, as well as in Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques for security in information and communication technologies and categorisation of information from social networks.


Representative publications

Tracking vision transformer with class and regression tokens, E. Di Nardo, A. Ciaramella, Information Sciences, 619, pp. 276-287,, 2023
Prediction of environmental missing data time series by Support Vector Machine Regression and Correlation Dimension estimation, F. Camastra, V. Capone, A. Ciaramella, A. Riccio, A. Staiano, Environmental Modelling and Software, 150, art. no. 105343,, 2022
Data Integration by Fuzzy Similarity-Based Hierarchical Clustering, A. Ciaramella, D. Nardone, A. Staiano BMC Bioinformatics, 21, 350,, 2020
A fuzzy decision system for genetically modified plant environmental risk assessment using Mamdani inference, F. Camastra, A. Ciaramella, V. Giovannelli, M. Lener, V. Rastelli, A. Staiano, G. Staiano, A. Starace, Expert Systems with Applications, 42 (3), pp. 1710-1716, ISSN: 09574174, doi: 10.1016/j.eswa.2014.09.041, 2015
Adaptive One-Class gaussian processes allow accurate prioritization of oncology drug targets, A. de Falco, Z. Dezso, F. Ceccarelli, L. Cerulo, A. Ciaramella, M. Ceccarelli, Bioinformatics, 37 (10), pp. 1420-1427,, 2021