Ultrasonic radar Sodar MFAS

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Iva Žutić
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Sodar MFAS is a device for measuring the height profile of the wind. MFAS measurement is possible at altitudes of 20 to 1000 m, with a vertical measurement resolution of 10 m. Sodar measurement has many advantages over standard methods (towers, bound balloons, radio sounding measurements) of wind height profile measurements. Sodar enables continuous, automated high vertical resolution measurements and a fraction of operating costs compared to standard methods. Due to its small size and weight, the system can be easily transported and installed. Low energy consumption, with the option of solar power and access via mobile network, makes it easier to work in remote areas.

It is a versatile acoustic profiler for measuring wind and turbulence up to 1000 m above the ground. The operation is based on the reflection of acoustic pulses at temperature inhomogeneities in the air with subsequent doppler analysis. The instrument can replace towers, tethered balloons or radiosondes at a fraction of the operational costs. The system can be easily transported and installed with its small size and low weight. Its low power consumption also facilitates unmanned operation in remote areas.

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Potential application

Potential application
  • Safety of civil and military aviation
  • Assimilation into prognostic models
  • Atmospheric dispersion calculations
  • Calculations of wind potential of a certain area
  • Feasibility calculations for construction work on wind-exposed areas