DJI Matrix 210 V2 drone with optical and thermal camera (X5S and DJI ZENMUSE XT2) + software

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This type of aircraft is characterized by very easy control thanks to the four-propeller construction which is very stable during flight. The aircraft navigation and stabilization device together with advanced software controls the operation of each engine separately. Advanced software that controls the operation of the engine together with GPS and inertial system automatically controls the flight and detects and corrects any destabilization of the aircraft. In this way, the spacecraft can move very precisely in space, rotate around its vertical axis, stabilize due to a sudden change in external influences, or perform a pre-planned flight very precise.


X5S optical camera for DJI Matrix 210 V2 drone (The DJI Zenmuse X5S is a Micro 4/3 camera designed for aerial cinema and capable of capturing high quality 5.2K shots. Continuous shots can be recorded at 20 frames per second at 20.8 MP in DNG)

XT2 thermal camera for DJI Matrix 210 V2 drone ( Thermal sensors detect details invisible to the naked eye, making subtle temperature differences visible. In this way they can detect when damage to equipment or buildings and the location of lost people are present. When the XT2 is mounted on the V2 Series drone, pilots have a combined solution that expands the operational window for drone technology - allowing pilots to fly confidently in low light conditions, through strong winds or in the rain.)


Potential application

Potential application
  • Military use (naval, land and air)
  • Civilian use (disaster management, search and rescue)
  • Medicine
  • Environmental Protection
  • Geodesy (design, mining, geology and forestry)
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial production
  • Supervision of police activities
  • Intelligence service
  • Journalism