Numerical Modeling Laboratory

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University of Split

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Željana Nikolić
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Desktop and laptop computers with 8 and 12 CPU cores, processor frequency of 3.8 GHz, RAM 2x8 GB DDR4 and graphics card of 6Gb GDDR6 are used for advanced numerical research and modelling.


Potential application

Potential application
  • Development of new numerical models and new software
  • Numerical research and analysis of complex behaviour mechanisms in structural and material mechanics
  • Analysis of building structures exposed to extreme loads (wind, earthquake, fire, explosions)
  • Analysis of historic buildings to preserve cultural heritage
  • Numerical modelling and analysis in building physics problems (heat, air, moisture and sound transfer)
  • Numerical modelling and advanced numerical simulations in soil and water structures, rock mechanics and soil mechanics, flow and transport of surface and groundwater in karst basins
  • Numerical algorithms for modelling structural mechanics problems using spline functions
  • Genetic algorithms for solving problems in civil engineering and improving existing mathematical inequalities for application in physics and engineering
  • Realistic 3D simulations
  • Support to the design and research of new processes and the construction of new buildings and engineering projects in industry

Rules of access to the shared resource

Proposed rules of access to the shared resource

Access to the equipment is possible based on free scientific cooperation.