Geodesy and Geoinformatics Laboratory

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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy

Matice hrvatske 15

21000 Split


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Contact person Tea Duplančić-Leder
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Single beam echo sounder - SonarMite BTX portable Bluetooth echo sounder for shallow water hydrographic surveying.

Integrated GNSS receiver - The integrated GNSS receiver Trimble R12i GNSS receiver is engineered for improved positioning performance in challenging GNSS conditions.

Levelling system - Digital height measurement sensor Trimble DiNi 03 with three invar precision bar code staff (One 3 m and two 2 m staff).

Robotic total station - Robotic total station Trimble S9 0.5“ paired with Trimble TSC7 controller. A high-performance system with the highest measuring accuracy with advanced engineering features.

Laser scanner - Trimble TX8 laser scanner provides fast and high-resolution scans with millimetre accuracy.

Fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system senseFly eBee X with three different payloads:

  • S.O.D.A. 3D RGB camera for nadir and oblique images
  • MicaSense RedEdge MX multispectral camera
  • senseFly Duet T thermal and RGB camera
Scientific Themes (keywords)

Potential application

Potential application

Single beam echo sounder:

  • hydrography;

Integrated GNSS receiver:

  • surveying;
  • positioning;
  • monitoring;

Levelling system:

  • surveying;
  • precise levelling;
  • subsidence monitoring;

Robotic total station:

  • surveying;
  • positioning;
  • monitoring;
  • tunnelling;

Laser scanner:

  • surveying;
  • deformation monitoring;
  • building and commercial construction;

Fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV):

  • surveying;
  • photogrammetry;
  • remote sensing.