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Magdalena Jerzemowska
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Professor Magdalena Jerzemowska is an experienced researcher, author of many publications, involved in international scientific cooperation. She has extensive teaching experience, lectures in corporate governance and corporate finance in Polish and English at the home university and at foreign universities. She was the promoter of 12 doctoral dissertations.

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Magdalena Jerzemowska
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The department conducts scientific research in three main areas. The first one is devoted to   corporate finance, and especially to the  sources of financing, capital structure and its determinants, capital market and financial instruments.
The second research topic is corporate governance. Within this area scientific interests are focused on international corporate governance,   problems concerning  state-owned firms and on supervision in family businesses.
The third area of exploration is devoted to the analysis of financial statements and controlling. Research conducted within this framework focuses on the assessment of the financial standing of enterprises, the threat of bankruptcy and on selected aspects of controlling and budgeting.


Representative publications

1. Contested takeovers of family firms and  Campbell Kevin, Jerzemowska Magdalena: socioemotional wealth : a case study, w: Baltic Journal of Management, vol. 12, nr 4, 2017, ss. 447-463, DOI:10.1108/BJM-12-2016-0277.  
2.  J. Koralun-Bereźnicka: (2019): Reconsidering the Profitability–Capital Structure Relation: Findings from Poland. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, pp. 91-100,  
3. J. Koralun-Bereźnicka: (2018): Determinants of Capital Structure across European Countries, Contemporary Trends and Challenges in Finance. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, pp. 199-209,  DOI:  
4.  E. Sokołowska: Does growing wealth influence hedge funds' development? An empirical analysis, w: Applied Economics, vol. 49, nr 8, 2017, ss. 756-768, DOI:10.1080/00036846. 2016.1205724  
5. M. Jerzemowska: What connects and what differentiates the corporate governance: systems of selected countries?, w: Studia Prawno-Ekonomiczne, vol. 112, 2019, ss. 261-284, DOI:10.26485/SPE/2019/112/15  

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