Department of International Economics and Economic Development

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Jacek Zaucha
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Department of International Economics and Economic Development

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Tomasz Tomaszewski
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Scientific research of the Department's employees is focused on economic integration, regional economics and economics of innovation. The main topics of analysis are related to: European integration theory, international trade and trade policy, foreign direct investments, regional and sectoral competitiveness, regional development, determinants of localization of the business activities both on the Polish and EU market , production and economic development of countries and regions, economics of innovation, competitiveness and innovativeness of enterprises, benchmarking and project management.


Representative publications

Brodzicki, T., Jurkiewicz, T., Márquez-Ramos, L., & Umiński, S. (2020). Patterns and determinants of the horizontal and vertical intra-industry trade of regions: panel analysis for Spain & Poland. Applied Economics, 52(14), 1533-1552.
Golejewska, A. (2019). Regionalne Systemy Innowacji w Polsce. Funkcjonowanie, efektywność i perspektywy rozwoju. Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego.
Brodzicki, T., & Golejewska A. (2019). Firms’ innovation performance and the role of the metropolitan location. Evidence from the European periphery. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 31:9-10, 908-929.
Brodzicki, T. (2019). The intensity of market competition and the innovative performance of firms. Innovation, 21(2), 336-358.
Prusak B., Morawska S., Kuczewska J., Banasik P. (2019). The role of stakeholders on rejection of bankruptcy applications in the case of “poverty” of the estate: A Polish case study. International Insolvency Review, Volume 28, Issue 1, 2019; pp. 63-85.

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