Integrative Human Physiology

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University of Split School of Medicine
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Zeljko Dujic, human integrative physiology

Otto Barak, human integrative physiology

Ivan Drvis, human integrative physiology

Mihajlo Lojpur, anesthesiology clinical support

Darija Bakovic-Kramaric, cardiology clinical support

Darko Duplancic, cardiology clinical support

Duska Glavas, cardiology clinical support

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Zeljko Dujic
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Professor Zeljko Dujic is a full professor of physiology since 2006. He has published over 180 papers in International peer reviewed journals (for full list visit Pubmed). Papers have been cited more than 3500 times in Google Scholar with h-index 33. He has mentored over 15 PhD and 3 ms students. Laboratory for Integrative Human Physiology is actively collaborating with groups from Canada (profs Ainslie, Shoemaker and Phillips), USA (profs Johnson, Joyner and MacLeod), Germany (profs Jordan and Tank),  Wales (prof Bailey), France (prof Guerrero), etc.

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Zeljko Dujic
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The effect of diving (SCUBA and breath hold) on cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory function using noninvasive (echocardiography, continuous blood pressure measurements, TCD, MRI, respiratory mechanics, etc) and invasive (MSNA, arterial and central venous catheterization, internal jugular vein catheterization, etc) methods. The clinical interest is related to following diseases: chronic heart failure, COPD, stroke, TIA, tetraplegia, etc. 


Representative publications

Bain AR, Barak OF, Hoiland RL, Drvis I, Mijacika T, Bailey DM, Santoro A, DeMasi DK, Dujic Z, MacLeod DB, Ainslie PN. Hypercapnia is obligatory to reduce the cerebral oxidative metabolism during extreme apnea in humans. J Cerebr Blood Flow Metab 37:3231-3242, 2017.
Brugniaux JV, Coombs GB, Barak OF, Dujic Z, Sekhon MS, Ainslie PN. Highs and lows of hyperoxia: physiological, performance, and clinical aspects. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 315(1):R1-R27, 2018. 
Bain AR, Ainslie PN, Hoiland RL, Barak OF, Drvis I, Stembridge M, MacLeod DM, McEneny J, Stacey BS, Taillon E, Marchi N, Dujic Z, MacLeod DB, Bailey DM. Competitive apnea and its impact on the human brain; focus on the redox-regulation of blood-brain barrier permeability and neuronal-parenchymal integrity. FASEB J 32(4):2305-2314, 2018.
Squair JW, Lee A, Sarafis Z, Coombs G, Barak OF, Cragg J, Mijacika T, Pecotic R, Krassioukov A,  Dogas Z, Dujic Z, Phillips AA. Sleep disordered breathing is associated with brain vascular reactivity in spinal cord injury. Neurology 2019.
Barak OF, Janjic N, Drvis I, Mijacika T, Mudnic I, Coombs GB, Thom SR, Yang M, Madic D, Dujic Z. Vascular dysfunction following field breath hold diving. Can J Physiol Pharmacol in press.
Technology Expertise

Echocardiography, continuous blood pressure measurements, TCD, MRI, MSNA, arterial and central venous catheterization, laboratory and field units.

Existing collaborations within the SEA-EU alliance
UBO, University of Gdansk