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Full Professor of Sports Science. Responsible for the line of research "Physical Activity and Health" of the program of Health Sciences of the Doctorate School of the University of Cadiz. Pre and post doctoral research stays in international centers of recognized prestige. A total of 110 articles published in indexed journals participate. Of these, 97 in journals indexed in JCR. He has presented more than 100 communications in the most prestigious international congresses of his topic and has given numerous conferences in Universities and Research Centres. He has participated in a total of 23 research projects, financed in European (3), national (5), regional (10) or local (5) competitive public calls. Main researcher of the multicentric project UP&DOWNStudy of the national plan RETOS, of the project ADULTFIT of the national plan R+D+I challenges, of the international project of the CONICYT Chile, and main researcher by the University of Cadiz of the national multicentric project PREFIT. He currently collaborates with national and international research centres and is responsible for the research group in the Euro-American University Network for Physical Activity, Physical Education, Sport and Recreation, and EXERNET. His activity is focused on studying the benefits of physical activity, preferably physical fitness, in young people and adults, with special interest in cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and patients with fibromyalgia. In addition to developing methodological tools to assess physical activity and health-related physical fitness. (ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7353-0382)

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  • Design of tools to assess health-related physical fitness.
  • Physical exercise and health.
  • Assessment and intervention with physical exercise for the prevention and treatment of health in adults and elderly (i.e. fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, Down syndrome, quality of life and positive health).
  • Promotion of active and healthy habits in school and university students.

Representative publications

1. Muscle Fitness Cut Points for Early Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk in Children and Adolescents Castro-Piñero José, Perez-Bey Alejandro, Cuenca-Garcia Magdalena, Cabanas-Sanchez Verónica, Gómez-Martínez Sonia, Veiga Oscar L, Marcos Ascensión, Ruiz Jonatan R; UP&DOWN Study Group. Journal of Pediatrics   (2019) Vol: 2016. Pgs: 134-141
2. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Cutoff Points for Early Detection of Present and Future Cardiovascular Risk in Children: A 2-Year Follow-up Study. Castro-Piñero José, Perez-Bey Alejandro, Segura-Jiménez VíctorAparicio Virginia A, Gómez-Martínez Sonia, Izquierdo-Gomez Rocio, Marcos Ascensión, Ruiz Jonatan R. Mayo Clin Proc. 2017. 92(12):1753–1762.
3. Changes in and the mediating role of physical activity in relation to active school transport, fitness and adiposity among Spanish youth: The UP&DOWN longitudinal study. Camiletti-Moirón Daniel, Timperio Anna, Veitch Jenny,  Fernández-Santos Jorge Del Rosario, Abbott Gavin, Delgado-Alfonso Álvaro, Cabanas-Sanchez Veronica , Veiga Oscar L., Salmon Jo, Castro-Piñero José. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 2020. Mar 10;17(1):37
4. Differences in sedentary time and physical activity between woment with fibromyalgia and healthy controls: the al-Ándalus project. Segura-Jiménez Víctor; Álvarez-Gallardo Inmaculada C; Estévez-López Fernando; Soriano-Maldonado Alberto; Delgado-Fernández Manuel; Ortega Francisco B; Aparicio Virginia A; Carbonell-Baeza Ana; Mota Jorge; Silva Paula; Ruiz Jonatan R. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2015. 67 - 11, pp. 3047 - 3057.
5. The role of fatness on physical fitness in adolescents with and without Down syndrome. The UP&DOWN Study. Izquierdo-Gomez Rocio., Martínez-Gómez David., Fernhall Bo, Sanz A, Veiga Oscar L. International Journal of Obesity.2016.  40(1):22-27

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Technology Expertise
  • Questionnaires to assess physical activity, active transport, sedentary habits and nutrition in different populations.
  • Assessment of physical activity through accelerometry.
  • Laboratory techniques to assess physical fitness in different populations.
  • Field-based test battery of health-related physical fitness in preschoolers: PREFIT battery.
  • Field-based test  battery of health-related physical fitness in children and adolescents: ALPHA battery.
  • Field-based test battery of health-related physical fitness in adults: ALPHA battery: ADULTFIT battery.