Big data processing

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split
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Sven Gotovac
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Sven Gotovac researcher ID: E-3730-2017

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Boris Ljubenkov
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Short description of research profile
  • Modelling of large distributed computer systems;
  • Processing of images from a drone: machine learning + convolution neural network;
  • Machine learning on big data;



Representative publications

Božić-Štulić, Dunja, Marušić, Željko, Gotovac, Sven Deep Learning Approach in Aerial Imagery for Supporting Land Search and Rescue Missions.  // International Journal of Computer Vision, 1 (2019), 1;  1-23
Božić-Štulić, Dunja; Kružić, Stanko; Gotovac, Sven; Papić, Vladan Complete Model for Automatic Object Detection and Localisation on Aerial Images using Convolutional Neural Networks.  // Journal of communications software and systems, 14 (2018), 1; 441, 9
Karna, Hrvoje; Vicković, Linda; Gotovac, Sven Application of Data Mining Methods for Effort Estimation of Software Projects.  // Software, practice & experience, 1 (2018), 1;  1-21
Mladineo, Marko; Celar, Stipo; Celent, Luka; Crnjac, Marina Selecting manufacturing partners in push and pull-type smart collaborative networks.  // Advanced engineering informatics, 38 (2018),  291-305
Dragičević, Srdjana; Čelar, Stipe; Turić, Mili Bayesian network model for task effort estimation in agile software development.  // Journal of systems and software, 127 (2017),  109-119
Technology Expertise

Server computers, workstation with graphics card and PhI card.

A server with four graphics cards

CERN and SRCE computer resources will be used for longer-term calculations.