Advanced Technologies for Smart Environments

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Split
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Mladen Russo
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Mladen Russo researcher ID: E-2257-2017

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Boris Ljubenkov
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- communication and information technologies

- multimedia systems and networks

- object and speech recognition

- wireless sensor networks

- ambient energy harvesting

- positioning in wireless networks

- geographic information systems

- systems based on virtual and augmented reality

- soundscapes and auralization

- wearable interfaces and emotion detection


Representative publications

Kraljević, Luka; Russo, Mladen; Pauković, Matija; Šarić, Matko  A Dynamic Gesture Recognition Interface for Smart Home Control based on Croatian Sign Language.  // Applied Sciences, 10 (2020), 7; 2300, 16
Russo, Mladen; Kraljević, Luka; Stella, Maja; Sikora, Marjan  Cochleogram-based approach for detecting perceived emotions in music.  // Information Processing & Management, 57 (2020), 5; 102270, 17
Kraljevic, Luka; Russo, Mladen; Stella, Maja; Sikora, Marjan  Free-Field TDOA-AOA Sound Source Localization Using Three Soundfield Microphones.  // IEEE access, 8 (2020), 1;  87749-87761
Russo, Mladen; Stella, Maja; Sikora, Marjan; Pekić, Vesna  Robust Cochlear-Model-Based Speech Recognition.  // Computers, 8 (2019), 1; 5, 11
Sikora, Marjan; Russo, Mladen; Đerek, Jurica; Jurčević, Ante  Soundscape of an Archaeological Site Recreated with Audio Augmented Reality.  // Acm transactions on multimedia computing communications and applications, 14 (2018), 3; 74, 22
Technology Expertise

Research group has established a new Laboratory for Smart Environment Technologies, with equipment funded by HRZZ project ELISE: Easy Living in Smart Environments. In addition, the group uses the following laboratories: Laboratory for Multimedia Systems and Virtual Reality, Laboratory for Electroacoustics, Laboratory for Communication and Information Systems, Laboratory for IP Technologies and Communication Protocols and Laboratory for Digital Television and Video. The laboratories are equipped with desktops and laptops, microphones, audio amplifiers, USB acoustic interfaces, active and passive speakers, virtual reality headset and sensor glove, augmented reality goggles, skin conductivity test kit, electrocardiogram, motion monitoring, EEG recording system, 3D printer, Tetramic spatial microphones, CAVE virtual reality system, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscopes and signal generators.