AMURE - Management of the uses of maritime and coastal resources and areas

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IUEM - Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer
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Gaëlle Gueguen Hallouët
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Séverine Julien
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The Joint Research Unit AMURE is a multidisciplinary research and training centre in social sciences and humanities applied to the sea. AMURE specialises in the study of public policies ans institutions for management and development of coastal and maritime activities and for the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

AMURE brings together researchers and lecturers in economics, public and private law, history of law, sociology, anthropology and psychology, from three different research organisations (CNRS, Ifremer, University of Brest). AMURE  provides  research  and  research-based  training recognised at the international level. The unit  is  associated with the Human Sciences Institute in Brittany (MSHB), and is involved in interdisciplinary  programs  in  marine  sciences,  such  as  those of ISblue Graduate School.

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