IT, organization and management development group (ITOMDev)

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Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism
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Nikša Alfirević, Ph.D., professor

Daniela Garbin Praničević, Ph.D., associate proffessor

Anita Talaja, Ph.D., associate professor

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Nikša Alfirević
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Nikša Alfirević hold PhDs from business and sociology. He is a full professor at Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism at the University of Split, Croatia, and Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Management - Journal of Contemporary Management Issues. His research interests include organizational change and development, management and leadership of nonprofit and public sector organizations, educational leadership and policy, ethics and social responsibility of education, bibliometrics/scientrometrics, and research integrity.

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Nikša Alfirević
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This research group focuses on the Information and Communication technology and its role in changing and managing for-profit, public and nonprofit organizations. We are focused on quantitative research methods, especially PLS-SEM-based research.


Representative publications

Petković, S., Alfirević, N., & Zlatković Radaković, M. (2022). Environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility of business schools: is there evidence of transdisciplinary effects?. Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 1-21.
Alfirević, N., Potočan, V., & Nedelko, Z. (2021). Students’ values, professional socialization and the mental gap of corporate social responsibility perceptions. PLoS One, 16(12), e0261653.
Miočević, D., Talaja, A., & Alfirević, N. (2021). Disentangling performance outcomes of a firm's innovativeness: A resource-advantage perspective. Journal of East European Management Studies26(3), 392-414.
Langer, J., Alfirevic, N., & Pavicic, J. (2017). Organizational change in transition societies. Routledge.  
Talaja, A., Miočević, D., Alfirević, N., & Pavičić, J. (2017). Market orientation, competitive advantage and business performance: Exploring the indirect effects. Društvena istraživanja: časopis za opća društvena pitanja26(4), 583-604.,
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