The Interdisciplinary Language Research Team

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Małgorzata Rocławska-Daniluk
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Małgorzata Rocławska-Daniluk
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Our main concern is to establish the possibility of exchanging ideas between the members of our team and other researchers. We highly appreciate open-mindedness and commitment in solving research problems ,such as: language delay in pre-primary and primary grade children; reading and writing difficulties, as well as  vocabulary gap in schoolchildren; problems of bilingual SLT.


Representative publications

Rocławska-Daniluk, M., & Rataj, M. (2018). Polish supplementary schools in Great Britain: a case study of the Polish School of Manchester. Beyond Philology An International Journal of Linguistics, Literary Studies and English Language Teaching, (15/1), 157-177.
Rocławska-Daniluk, M. (2018). The phonological tasks for children in a bilingual education. Raport from the studies. W V. Masiulionytė & S. Volungevičienė, V. Masiulionytė & S. Volungevičienė (Red.), Fremde und eigene Sprachen. Linguistische Perspektiven: Akten des 51. Linguistischen Kolloquiums in Vilnius 2016 (ss. 469–477).
Rocławska-Daniluk, M., & Rataj, M. (2016). Polish and English in contemporary Poland: a cross-educational study. In J. Leśniewska & M. Urban, J. Leśniewska & M. Urban (Eds.), Beyond words : crossing borders in English studies, vol. 2, Language, culture and translation (pp. 113–130). Tertium
Stanulewicz, D., Janczukowicz, K., & Rocławska-Daniluk, M. (Eds.). (2016). Language education : controversies, observations and proposals. (D. Stanulewicz, K. Janczukowicz, & M. Rocławska-Daniluk)Gdańsk Studies in Language. Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Peter Lang.
Rocławska-Daniluk, M. (2014). Badania języka młodych Polaków w dwujęzycznej formule nauczania. In P. Żmigrodzki & S. Przęczek-Kisielak, P. Żmigrodzki & S. Przęczek-Kisielak (Eds.), Bogactwo współczesnej polszczyzny (pp. 135–143). Towarzystwo Miłośników Języka Polskiego.