Family studies and developmental outcomes in childhood and adolescence

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split
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Maja Ljubetić, PhD, full professor – family and preschool pedagogy

Ina Reić Ercegovac, PhD, associate professor – developmental psychology

Anita Mandarić Vukušić, PhD, assistant professor – family pedagogy

Katija Kalebić Jakupčević, PhD – developmental and clinical psychology

Toni Maglica, PhD – postdoctoral researcher, special education- behavioural problems

Bruno Barać – PhD student, psychology

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Maja Ljubetić
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Number of scientists: 217545

ORCID ID: D-6954-2017;

Researcher ID: D-6954-2017

Scopus Author ID: 55948088400

ISNI: 0000000421491865

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Maja Ljubetić
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adolescents (internalizing/externalizing behaviour, mental health, risk behaviours, self-concept)

Methods: Quantitative and qualitative (interviews, survey)

Outcomes: explored relationship between implicit parenting and parenting behaviours; comprehensive model of parenting influences on children’s developmental outcomes in behavioural, mental health and self-concept domains



Representative publications

Ljubetić, M., & Reić Ercegovac, I. (2020, in press). The relationship between mindful parenting, cognitive parental awareness and subjective well-being of adolescents. Metodički ogledi.
Ljubetić, M., Reić Ercegovac, I., & Mandarić Vukušić, A. (2019). Irresponsible/Unmindful Parenting – An Empire for the Media. In:  Lepičnik Vodopivec, Jurka; Jančec, Lucija; Štemberger, Tina (Eds.), Implicit Pedagogy for Optimized Learning in Contemporary Education (pp. 270-289). Hershey, PA, USA: IGI GLOBAL.
Reić Ercegovac, I., & Ljubetić, M. (2019). Svjesnost u roditeljstvu majki i očeva djece različite dobi: Validacija hrvatske inačice upitnika. (Mindful Parenting of Mothers and Fathers across Different Child Age: Validation of Croatian Version of Measurement Scale). Psihologijske teme, 28(2), 397-418.
Reić Ercegovac, I., & Kalebić Jakupčević, K. (2016). Age and gender differences in depression among children and adolescents from the city of Split. Paediatria Croatica, 60, 4. doi: 10.13112/PC.2016.20  
 Reić Ercegovac, I., Maglica, T., Ljubetić, M. (2019). The Relationship Between Self-Concept, Subjective Wellbeing and School Achievement during Adolescence. Contemporary Themes in Education. Pedagogy and Psychology: From Amending Drawbacks to Enhancing Personal Strengths and Virtues. Proceedings. University of Zagreb. 221-243.