SEA-EU European Network in American Studies (SEENAS)

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Arkadiusz Misztal
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Arkadiusz Misztal, Ph.D. University of Gdańsk, is Professor in American Studies at that university. He has published work on contemporary fiction, narrative theory, and the philosophy of time, including Time and Vision Machines in Thomas Pynchon’s Novels (Lang, 2019) and Time in Variance volume (Brill, 2021), co-edited with Paul Harris and Jo-Alyson Parker. He is a council member of the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST) and an editor of KronoScope, Journal for the Study of Time. 

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Arkadiusz Misztal
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The SEENAS research group is a part of European network of specialists in American Studies within the developing SEA EU Alliance. The SEENAS network is open to North and South American issues, countries and regional areas.  The three main objectives of the network are to open up onto inter-disciplinary research and collaboration, provide more academic visibility to American Studies at national and international levels, and reaching out to non-academic audiences to make this research more accessible. With the focus on our respective methodologies and epistemological approaches to American issues, we aim to translate and/or adapt each other’s perspectives and methodologies, using reflexivity as a tool to create a sense of common purpose based on sharing methodologies and transnational knowledge systems.  This comparative and mutually enhancing cooperation is intended to reinforce the studies of the Americas in each university within the SEA EU Alliance and create a platform for multidisciplinary, scholarly exchange between researchers and teachers.

The research group  is currently engaged in the following projects:

  1. Time shifts: a study of temporality in American literature, culture, and thought
  2. Challenges of mobility and migration: Cross disciplinary perspectives
  3. Migration narratives and frameworks of memory in immigrant fiction
  4. Epistemologies in American Studies
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Representative publications

Misztal, Arkadiusz, Paul Harris, and Jo Alyson Parker. 2021. Time in Variance. Leiden; Boston: Brill. ISBN: 978-90-04-47016-3;  
Misztal Arkadiusz: Time and vision machines in Thomas Pynchon's novels, Transatlantic Studies in British and North American Culture, no. 29, 2019, Peter Lang Publishing Group, ISBN 978-3-631-78809-7,  DOI:10.3726/b15742;  
Marta Koval, Frameworks of memory in recent American fiction: narratives of East-Central European immigrant experience. New Americanists in Poland, Peter Lang, 2022;
Ewelina Gutowska Kozielska, The constitutive rhetoric of 20th century Anglo-Saxon feminism: the role of the discourse and its strategies in the reproduction of social reality and power. Gdańsk Studies in Language, Peter Lang, 2020;  
Barbara Micel, A ‘Fourth Way’ to Tell the Story Fact and Fiction in Three Novels by Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Lang, 2022;

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Existing collaborations within the SEA-EU alliance
Collaboration with University of Brest (France): Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Cadiz (Spain): Faculty of Art and Humanities University of Kiel (Germany): Faculty of Art and Humanities University of Split (Croatia): Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences