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Halina Czubasiewicz
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Dr hab. Halina Czubasiewicz, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Management and Organization. Promoter of 10 completed doctoral dissertations. Reviewer of many papers in habilitation proceedings and reviewer of many doctoral dissertations. Promoter of approximately 40 MBA diploma theses.
Author of many publications related to human resource management, including Periodic employee evaluation - configuration and design, University of Gdańsk Publishing House, Gdańsk 2005, book awarded with the Rector of the First Degree Award.
Scientific interests:
Problems of designing and implementing the personnel function in organizations such as: employee selection processes, in particular building competence models and methods for identifying candidates' competences, employee adaptation processes; employee development processes, in particular talent management, programming development processes and training management; designing motivational employee remuneration systems and motivational assessment systems, including periodic assessment in organizations.
Research areas:
Problems of managerial competence, their identification, improvement and assessment of consistency with the requirements of the strategy and organizational culture. Periodic employee assessment - configuration and desig

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Elżbieta Wojnicka-Sycz
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The following main research trends can be distinguished in our scientific activities and endeavors:

organizational systems: process management, project management, organisational structures, change management
HRM: recruitment, motivation systems, compensation & benefits, performance management, competency-based management, organizational culture, communication
business strategy, competitive advantage, strategic planning
evaluation of public policy (impact of structural funds, management in health care, innovation policy, entrepreneurship and regional development policy)

Scientific Themes (keywords)

Representative publications

1. Sliż P. (2019, September) Process Maturity of Organizations Using Artificial Intelligence Technology–Preliminary Research, Lecture Notes in Business Process Management (185-202), Springer, Cham, (Cite Score Scopus 0.71, SNIP 0.534).  
2. Sliż P., Wojnicka-Sycz E. (2019) The analysis of the occurrence of faults in passenger cars as an element of improving the management of the production process, Advances in Manufacturing II: vol. 3, Quality Engineering and Management / Hamrol Adam [i in.] ( ed. ), Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, ISBN 978-3-030-17268-8, ss. 277-289, DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-17269-5_21 (Cite Score Scopus 0.3, SNIP 0.212, Web of Science).  
3. Szreder J., Walentynowicz P., Sycz P. (2019) Adaptative project framework as a development project management method on the example of the Kashubska Ostoja Project, Real Estate Management and Valuation, vol. 27, nr 1, 5-14, DOI:10.2478/remav-2019-0001 (Cite Score Scopus 0.64, SNIP 0.835).  
4. Dreczka, A., & Sliż, P. (2018, May) Knowledge as a factor of process maturity growth in Polish logistic organizations. TranSopot Conference (pp. 221-231). Springer, Cham.  
5. Walentynowicz P. (2018), Employees' involvement in continuous improvement processes of the enterprises in Poland - barriers and the ways of reducing them, SHS Web of Conferences, vol. 57/2018, art. no. 0103,

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Technology Expertise

Completed research projects:
Dedicated investment project management methodology in the area of ​​electricity distribution financed by the National Center for Research and Development carried out by 2015-2017, University of Gdansk, AGH University of Science and Technology, CRE CONSULTING SP. Z o.o.
Elżbieta Wojnicka-Sycz, Piotr Sliż, Piotr Sycz "Monitoring of smart specializations in the Pomeranian voivodship – proposition of modification in the field of specific indicators" for the Marshal's Office of the Pomeranian Voivodship, 2018, TechTransBalt University of Gdańsk
Elżbieta Wojnicka-Sycz, Piotr Sycz Evaluation of the mid-term progress of the Smart Development Operational Program 2014-2020 in the field of econometric analyzes, 2019, TechTransBalt University of Gdańsk for LB&E for the needs of the expertise for the Ministry of Development
Elżbieta Wojnicka-Sycz, Piotr Sycz, Forecasts of target values ​​of result indicators specific for the RPOWŚ 2014-2020 program and of indicators of the Europe 2020 Strategy, 2019, TechTransBalt University of Gdańsk for LB&E for the needs of an expertise for the Marshal's Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship