Agri-Food Economics

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Flavio Boccia, Daniela Covino, Angela Mariani, Azzurra Annunziata, Debora Scarpato, Nadia Palmieri, Roberto Fragomeli.

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Flavio Boccia
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Flavio Boccia is Full Professor of Economics at University of Naples - Parthenope and Lecturer in Agri-Food Business Internationalization and Sustainability. His main research interests concern: agri-biotechnology, corporate social responsibility, marketing strategies, innovation technology, consumer behaviour. Among his various academic commitments, he is also associate editor or editorial board member and guest editor of several international journal.

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Daniela Covino
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The research activity of the Agri-Food Economics Group focuses above all on the following main areas:

- economic, social and environmental sustainability of the agri-food system,

- quality and technological innovation of agri-food products,

- consumer behavior,

- corporate social responsibility and international marketing,

- agri-environmental policies, especially at the European Union level.


Representative publications

1) Annunziata, A., Mariani, A., & Vecchio, R. (2019). Effectiveness of sustainability labels in guiding food choices: Analysis of visibility and understanding among young adults. Sustainable Production and Consumption17, 108-115. 2) Boccia, F., Covino, D., Sarnacchiaro, P. (2018). Genetically modified food versus knowledge and fear: A Noumenic approach for consumer behaviour. Food Research International, 111, 682-688. 3) Boccia, F., Sarnacchiaro, P. (2020). Chi-squared automatic interaction detector analysis on a choice experiment: An evaluation of responsible initiatives on consumers' purchasing behavior. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 27 (2), 1143-1151. 4) Simeone, M., Scarpato, D. (2020). Sustainable consumption: How does social media affect food choices?. Journal of Cleaner Production, 277, 124036. 5) Vecchio, R., Annunziata, A., Parga Dans, E., & Alonso González, P. (2023). Drivers of consumer willingness to pay for sustainable wines: natural, biodynamic, and organic. Organic Agriculture13 (2), 247-260.